Spring Dreaming: DIY Herb Garden Ideas

Well, even though spring is eluding us in my part of the world (it snowed AGAIN yesterday!!!), I am starting to think of what I’m going to plant in my garden this year.  We don’t have a huge space at all so we typically plant flowers in our garden space and then a variety of potted things on our deck.  One thing I always love having is a herb garden! It’s so nice to be able to clip some fresh herbs instead of having to buy them at the grocery store.  I have rounded up some great ideas for herb gardens that could be done yourself.  I hope you enjoy and find some inspiration for your own space!


Very easy idea!  Just plant your herbs in typical hanging baskets.  Source.


Love how neat this is!!  Each herb has it’s own little area and these planter boxes would be pretty easy to make.  This would be a great option if you use a lot of different types of herbs.  Or you could also do a mix of herbs and flowers.  Source.


Isn’t this one amazing?? It’s so neat and tidy, I love it!  Unfortunately I don’t have the space to do this type of a thing but what a great idea.  Pots have just been sunken into the soil.  Love it.  Source.


This is one of my favourites!!  How adorable are these little jars along with the herb names??  This is a great option if you just need a little sampling of herbs.  It could easily be attached to a portion of your deck.  Source.


This idea is very clever!  The herbs are planted in a shoe organizer!  I think this looks so cute.  I’m just not sure how the shoe organizer would stand up to watering and the elements.  But I’m sure if you bought one in a durable fabric it would be fine.  Source.


Ahhh this one is so lovely!  These baskets and bags are so beautiful and the herbs inside make it look so earthy.  They have also put old luggage ties on to mark which herbs are in which basket.  This is a BEAUTIFUL idea.  Source.


This is also a really cute idea.  I like the consistency with the simple metal pots.  This would work great on a small deck.  Source.


Lastly, this idea is shown with plants but you could easily do the same with herbs.  The planters have just been attached to a fence which would be quite easy to do.  Then you can spice up the look by painting your pots!  Source.

Hopefully I will be able to get out and buy some plants soon!  I went to a greenhouse yesterday just to get in the spirit!  Do any of you guys have any neat ideas for organizing your herb gardens?


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