Green Goodness: Spinach and Cucumber Cubes

Hey everyone!  I’m back with another juicing endeavour – making spinach and cucumber ice cubes!  I’m always looking for ways to get more greens into my diet.  I often find it hard to get enough in especially since I’m not a huge salad fan (unless the salad is full of other more substantial ingredients like beans, eggs, chicken, etc.).  I have been religiously making smoothies for breakfast since I was a kid (seriously!) and am always trying to find ways to pump up its nutritional value.  Soooo I recently started juicing spinach and cucumber, pouring the juice into ice cube trays, freezing it, and popping the very concentrated greens into my morning smoothies!  Here’s the rundown:

  • For one very full ice cube tray, I juice two large containers of organic spinach as well as one medium sized cucumber.


  • Next I wash all the spinach and the cucumber.  Even though the package says it has been prewashed, I never trust it.  


  • JUICE!  Start with the spinach and then do the cucumber last.  You will get a SUPER dark green, concentrated juice.


  • Now it’s time to pour the juice into the ice cube tray.  It will be really full but it’s fine once frozen.  I have a really great ice cube tray that also has a lid.  But before I had that, I would just cover my regular tray with plastic wrap to freeze.


  • Once frozen, you can break up the cubes and freeze in Ziploc bag or in a container. Then the cubes are ready to pop into your smoothies!  


I find the taste of the spinach to be best disguised in berry based smoothies.  It seems to blend well with berries and also doesn’t make the smoothie an unsavory colour!  I asked a dietician if I was getting the same benefits of the spinach in the juiced form as I would from putting whole leaves in.  She said I would get all the same benefits, minus the fibre.  I get plenty of fibre from other sources so I was happy to hear this!

Do any of you have any tricks to getting more greens into your diet?


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